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Happy Retirement Lindsay!

Posted On 21 June 2018 at 16:38 by nicola

Happy Retirement Lindsay!

Lindsay put together a few words to describe her time here at Barnes Coaches....

"I started working for Barnes Coaches on Valentine’s Day 1994, at their office in Aldbourne &  I’ve had 24 very happy years with the firm and have seen so many changes. 

Technology has gone crazy – we used to pass a book around the office to make day trip reservations! The coaches have improved in so many ways, comfort and technology – they weren’t equipped with phones or air conditioning in the good old days and, as for wi-fi – well! The company gradually grew, eventually necessitating the move out of Aldbourne and into South Marston Park.  What hasn’t changed is the integrity of the company and the emphasis on customer service.

Over the years my colleagues have become my friends and I’ve worked with and for some lovely clients. And, to quote a colleague, you can’t do too much for a good boss!

I’ve always been proud to tell people that I work for Barnes Coaches and I wish the firm continued success in the future. 

Now (at last) I can go on a Senior Citizen Special!"

Thank you for all your hard work Lindsay, you will be missed greatly!


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Sandra Baileyon 25th June 2018 16:57

Enjoy your retirement and have some great days out.

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